‘You go in and get to smash stuff’: Blow off some steam at rage room

“The rage room is just one of the activities they offer, but it’s proving to be quite popular.”




Secret City




Smashy smash in Calgary’s only Rage Room




25 Best Things to Do in Calgary This October

“Use a bat to smash plates and printers in a new Rage Room”



Daniel Smith at Thundrdome

In addition to hosting Daniel Smith at Thundrdome, we had a 10 minute live radio interview on her show as well




Calgary now has its very own Rage Room for you to smash things in

“At Thundrdome Amusements, an archery, melee, and raging out centre that recently opened in Calgary, you can spend 45 minutes smashing, throwing, and stomping to your heart’s content.”




Turf Wars 

Combat Archery

Rage Room

Safe Archery Range




Got some stress to relieve? Check out Calgary’s rage room!

“the rage room is just one of the activities you can do at Thundrdome Amusements. There’s also combat archery and turf wars, which as far as I can tell involves hundreds of Nerf guns and a giant room to shoot your friends. Sounds like the best birthday party to me.”

Local & unique holiday party ideas

“Maybe you have a small office, or maybe you’ve had to scale back the party budget, there’s lots of great things to do in Calgary that won’t break the bank, but will give you and your co-workers the celebration below.”

“Ever since I first heard about The Rage Room, I’ve known that this will forever be my favourite thing to do in Calgary.”




Fighting with your ex? Didn’t pass that test? Just like to break things?

“You need the #RageRoom!”




Thundrdome had an interview with 660 regarding the Rage Room and mental and physical benefits of raging out!




Events and Things to do in Calgary




“We absolutely loved our experience at Thundrdome Amusements and can’t wait to visit again”




Thundrdome has been featured on Calgary Date Night!




Katie and Ed visited Thundrdome’s Rage Room with 2 of their guest!




Rage Room

KOOL’s on-air hosts visited Thundrdome and participated in Combat Archery, Turf Wars, Rage Room, and Safe Archery Range




Calgary Has a New Attraction and It’s All the Rage (Pun Intended)

“Karla and I tried the archery training and the Rage Room. It was a really fun experience to fire a soft-tipped arrow at targets and more challenging than I had imagined.”






“Booked a private function turf war party and it was great… kids had a blast… didn’t need to worry about outsiders crashing their fun like other similar type venues… party room was decent and staff were Great… Excellent Experience all around… Definately coming back!”                                                                            by Richard Hallman


“Amazingly fun! Even for an introvert like me! Started slow with archery practice, then took out frustration in the rage room (surprised at how much of a workout it is). Already set up my next visit for combat archery. I can also just imagine the look on kids’ faces when they see the wall of foam weapons for the turf wars games.”

by Leanne Comeau


“We had my son’s 16th birthday here and it was a great time. The staff are wonderful and make it a great time for everyone. I would highly recommend doing this for a birthday or just a group of friends. We will definitely be going back.”

by Cherrene Johnson


“Amazing concept!! We had our corporate event there and booked the whole facility for a private party of roughly 100 people. Kids we allowed and had an absolute blast. There is something to do for every age. Facility is large and well-maintained. Staff are very friendly and accommodating. All in all a great experience.”

   by Pedram Farzadmanesh


“Amazing experience, very professional team, super fun for all age groups
Also for birthday parties, I highly recommend this place ❤️❤️”

                                                                                                                                                                       by Mona Mostafa


“We had our corporate event here doing Combat Archery and the Rage Room. Everyone had an awesome time. Fun events, great venue, and fantastic staff!”

       by Erin Wallace


“This place is awesome! A group of us went to the rage room and had a great time. They turn music on in the room so you can smash things to the songs of your choice. Staff is really nice and professional. Can’t wait to go back and try the combat archery range – the nerf guns are calling!”

       by Sarah MacDonald


“Had a blast, archery tag alone is worth the visit at 26 bucks for a 1 and a half hour session. Add on top of that a smash room, nerf wars and some kind of toy sword fighting thing and you’ve got an amazing place for a party”

   by Reece Elumir


“I have had my son’s 8th birthday party and my daughter’s soccer wrap up event here and there were both a blast! The kids can’t get enough of this place! For my son’s birthday we had chose the regular Nerf arena and it was so fun. For my daughter’s event, we had the larger arena. The staff help the kids to put on safety gear and help them with the guns and ammo. They have a HUGE selection of guns! The kids loved it. They also had so many swords and shields! They start with a game of swords and shields and then the Nerf games! After the game they sanitize all equipment and check all Nerf guns to make sure they work for the next group. We had the larger party room for my daughter’s event. The room is clean, big, has a giant TV, games and a fridge. They also brought us extra chairs to accommodate are large group of 30 kids and parents. I highly recommend this place and can’t wait to go back.”

 by James Robertson


“It was sooo fun. If you stretch out what you get in the rage room and maybe buy a few things more it’s an absolute blast. The staff were super friendly. It was a great experience. 10/10 would recommend”

   by Mercedes Fright

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