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Thundrdome offers 2 different Party Rooms:

Party Room 1 is our larger room (340 sq ft) for an hourly rate of $75. The Party Room 1 is suitable for larger groups and contains:

PS4 Pro
Blue Ray Player
Board Games
Comfortable seating area with couches, table, and chairs
Private washroom
Private coat rack
Private fridge


Party Room 2 is our regular room (280 sq ft) and contains all of the above except for the private washroom. The rental fee for this room is $55 an hour.


Party Rooms would be a great place to sit back at the end of each session, relax, and celebrate the perfect event. Catering is also available upon request (cake, pizza, sandwich, fruit, cookie, and vegetable trays). Below is our catering price list:


Decorated Cake (Chocolate or Vanilla – $30 for half sheet 12” x 16” cake that serves 48 people) – Extra charges apply to custom decorated cakes

Large Pizza of Your Choice (Starting at $30 per each large pizza)

Classic Deli Sandwich Tray ($10.00 per person)

A variety of white, whole wheat, and multigrain bread sandwiches with deli meats, cheese, fresh vegetable toppings, and sauces. Includes chicken breast, ham, tuna salad, egg salad, roast beef

Assorted Wrap and Sandwich Tray ($11.00 per person)

Decoratively arranged large tortilla wrap sandwich with an assortment of fillings chicken breast, turkey, ham and bacon, deep fried spicy chicken, chicken caesar, tuna salad and veggie avocado

Fresh Fruit Tray ($40/serve 8 to 10 people – $55/serve 10 to 16 people)

A selection of the season’s best fresh fruit includes watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, pineapple with Yogurt dip

Fresh Vegetable Tray (Small $40 – Large $55)

An assortment of crisp seasonal vegetables with Ranch dip

Cookie Tray ($35/ serve up to 20)


Teams can also bring their own food if they choose to.


We Need at least 24 hours notice in order to cater


Thundrdome offers an option to add Face Painting for kids as well. The Face Painting service costs $80 per hour for up to 10 children and $40 per each extra half hour after the initial hour. Please contact us at or 403 258 0060 to book this service.


Thundrdome offers an option to purchase Gift Bags (Loot Bags) for children for $10 per bag. Boys Gift Bag include the following items written underneath Boys Loot Bag and Girls Gift Bag include the following items written underneath Girls Loot Bag:


  Boys Loot Bag: Girls Loot Bag:
One Nerf Jolt Blaster One Tiara
Two Lollipops Two Lollipops
Two Temporary Kids Tattoos Two Temporary Kids Tattoos
Two Stickers Two Stickers
One Bag One Bag
One Can of Mini Play Doh
One Pack of Chocolate
Two Glow Sticks


Please contact us at or 403 258 0060 to order Gift Bags.


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