Turf Wars Tournament


Turf Wars Tournament


Registration for Thundrdome’s first Turf Wars tournament is now open!


Tournament Information:


Date: Monday June 4th 2018


Time: 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.


Cost: Team or individual registration is available, $440 / team or $65 / individual


First prize: The winning team will receive a $200 CASH


Free for all champion prize: A brand new Nerf Mega Mastodon valued at $120


Cost includes: One Thundrdome T-shirt per participant, 2 bottles of water, all equipment for Turf Wars (over 200 Nerf guns to choose from, tactical vests, face masks, Nerf bullets).

Modded guns are welcomed.


Number of players: 7 per side


Participant Ages: 5+ (must be able to operate your own Nerf gun)


Game duration: approximately 50 minutes in the large arena with a 5 minute half time break.


Game formats: Standard point elimination (15 min); Capture the flag (15 min); Nowhere to Hide (15min); Free For All (5 min)


Tournament format: Participation of minimum 4 teams is required for this tournament. Each team will play minimum 3 games at part of the tournament. Each game will have 2 game masters/referees


Skill level: Recreational

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