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What is Turf Wars? (Also Known as Nerf Wars)

Turf Wars is a team-based competitive melee (foam) and Nerf gun battle! Choose your weapon from our armory of our over 300 different Nerf guns, foam swords, shields, hammers, and axes. Hit the 1,400 sq ft Clash arena and defend your turf!

Each session is 75 minutes of play time. Up to 10 different game format can be played during that time. Each Turf Wars session has  a referee/game master and second helper to gear up the participants and show them how our  huge variety of Nerf guns and foam weapons.

All safety equipment, tactical vests, face masks, Nerf guns, bullets, and foam weapons are included at NO EXTRA COST!


This is a great activity for birthday parties, team building events, corporate functions, bachelor and bachelorette parties


You can book a package for 15 children or less for $275 and have the  Regular Turf Wars arena exclusively

Teams that have 15 adults or less, can book the entire arena for a flat rate of $300

This is a private event so only your group will be participating


If you have more than 18 participants, please refer to Private Event: Turf Wars (Larger Arena) booking at or give us a call at 403 258 0060

For individual bookings, please refer to Turf Wars page


This does not include the Party Room


Who Can Play Turf Wars?



Turf Wars is a fun way to release your inner child! Duck, dodge and return fire while you battle in the Clash arena!



Turf Wars is a great way to tap into kids boundless energy and teach them about teamwork and sportsmanship!


All players must have a signed waiver before playing Turf Wars. Players under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.




Bombs Away

Axe Man



Free For All

Capture the Flag

Castle Defense

Nowhere to Hide

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