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Mobile Turf Wars


Want to throw a great backyard party this summer? Want to host an event in the comfort of your home or office? Use our Mobile Turf Wars service and we will bring the activity and fun to you! 


Mobile Turf Wars Information:


Cost: $399 for maximum 20 participants for one hour and thirty minutes of play time, extra $20 per each extra person, extra $50 per each extra half hour of play time

*Transportation and cleaning costs is included in the price


Location: Anywhere within Calgary city limits, we serve communities outside Calgary for an additional transportation cost


What would we bring? 40 different Nerf guns, 40 different swords and shields, Nerf bullets, blow up obstacles, 2 referees/game masters, tactical vests for each participant, and face masks for each participant


What do we need from you? A safe and suitable place for us to set up whether it’s your backyard, basement, or a park! Access to the event place twenty minutes ahead of our start time to set up and blow up obstacles. Power, so we can blow up our obstacles! All participants to sign our waiver. We recommend having a space of 1,400 sq ft or larger.

Lastly, what we need from you is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the event you organized!


Participant Ages: 5+ (must be able to operate your own Nerf gun)


To book our Mobile Turf Wars services, please call us at 403-258-0060




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