Everything You Need To Know About Thundrcamp – Calgary’s Ultimate Kids Day Camp



What is Thundrcamp?


Thundrcamp is one of Calgary’s newest kids day camps. Children are given the chance to explore new games and activities and meet new friends! At Thundrcamp, children will play 5 Activities a day that will require them to use their thinking skills and physical abilities while having tons of fun and learning new things!



Frequently Asked Questions – Thundrcamp 


When is Thundrcamp?


Currently, Thundrdome offers Thundrcamp during Spring Break and Summer Holidays in Calgary.


Where is Thundrcamp?


Thundrcamp takes place at Thundrdome Amusements! Our address is 7005 6th Street SE Calgary, Alberta.


How old do you have to be to attend Thundrcamp?


Children aged 7 to 12 are welcome to attend Thundrcamp.


Is Thundrcamp an overnight camp? 


No, Thundrdome is not an over night camp! Just a day camp!


How long is Thundrcamp?


Thundrcamp is from 9 am to 4pm.


I have work until 5pm! / I work early! What will happen to my children?


Don’t worry, mom and dad! Thundrdome offers both BEFORE and AFTER care, so you don’t have to rush to pick up your little ones! Before and after care hours begin at 8AM and end at 5:30PM.


Is Thundrcamp offered on weekends?


Unfortunately, Thundrcamp is not offered on weekends – only Monday through Friday! However, Thundrdome Amusements is open on weekends for families to book activity sessions, birthday parties and have fun!


Does Thundrcamp offer lunches?


Yes! For an additional price, Thundrdome offers lunches/snacks, so parents don’t have to!


How much does Thundrcamp cost?


Costs vary on the amount of children, lunches, days and whether or not you are requiring before and after care. Visit our Thundrcamp page for a break down of the costs. Also, take advantage of early bird pricing for a discount on our Thundrcamp packages!


I won’t need care for my children every day. Does Thundrcamp do drop-ins?


Yes! You can definitely take advantage of our drop in prices. Visit the Thundrcamp page for a break down of drop-in prices.


What does Thundrcamp include?


Our Thundrcamp package includes: One Thundrdome baseball cap per child, a participation medal per child at end of Camp Week (given away on Friday), morning and after snacks, water, all equipment for Safe Archery Range (bows with different draw weights, safe arrows (foam tipped), and arm guards), all equipment for Combat Archery (bows with different draw weights, safe arrows (foam tipped), arm guards, face masks), all equipment for Turf Wars (over 200 Nerf guns to choose from, tactical vests, face masks), all equipment for foam melee battles (over 150 foam shield, swords, axes, and hammers, face masks), all equipment for soccer.


Will my children be supervised?


Yes! Our amazing camp leaders and game masters will have their eyes on the children at all times! They are CPR/First Aid Certified and are committed to making sure the kids are safe and have fun!


I have more than 1 child, does Thundrcamp offer family discounts?


Yes! Visit our Thundrcamp page for our multi-family discounts!


Ready to register for Thundrcamp? Visit our Thundrcamp page to register for our next season of Thundrcamp!



3 Reasons You Should Try Bubble Soccer



If you love soccer, or you’re looking for a fun activity that’ll leave you feeling like you just did a full body workout, you need to try Balls of Fury at Thundrdome. Or more popularly known as, bubble soccer.


What is Bubble Soccer?


Bubble soccer (or Bubble Football) is a recreational sport, that follows the same playing rules as regular soccer/football, except there is a twist. You’re in a self-encased bubble or “zorb” that covers your upper body and head!


Why Should I Play Bubble Soccer?


Well, many people might be a little afraid to try bubble soccer, some may think it looks hilarious and silly, and some may be afraid to get rolled upside down. Bubble soccer is a fun and totally safe sport that lets you get in your daily physical activity, while having fun! If you’re afraid of getting stuck upside down, don’t worry, the Game Masters at Thundrdome are there to help you back on your feet and back in the game!


If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s 3 reasons why you should try bubble soccer!


1) It’s a great way to stay active and fit


Bubble Soccer may just be one of the most tiring activities we have to offer at Thundrdome! Not only are you putting in as much effort as a regular game of soccer, by running, kicking the ball and scoring goals; you’re also stuck in a bubble and bumping into your friends and falling over! We promise, you’ll be burning some serious calories playing this game!


2) It’s safer than actual soccer


Believe it or not, Bubble Soccer is actually SAFER than regular soccer. You’re seeming wrapped in bubble wrap, so falling over and bumping into each other is fun, safe, and hilarious.


3) It’s a great game for parties and mobile activities


Bubble Soccer is a great activity to play with your friends! And it’s enjoyed by children and adults alike! One of the best parts about Thundrdome’s activities is that we can come to you! You can play bubble soccer anywhere! Even in your own backyard! To book your mobile bubble soccer activity in Calgary, email us at hello@thundrdome.com!


Want to play Bubble Soccer in Calgary? Book your Thundrdome Bubble Soccer session today!



Thundrdome! Calgary’s ultimate entertainment centre


Katniss. Hawkeye. Arrow. Robin Hood.


What do all these people have in common? Archery! It’s hard not to watch these heroes on TV and be awed by their precision and prowess. And with Calgary’s Thundrdome Amusements, you can come and be like these heroes—with padded arrows and protection, of course. (Safety first!)


Thundrdome Amusements offers several fun and cost-effective stress relief activities like Combat Archery, Turf (Nerf) Wars, or Bubble Soccer (Balls of Fury). These games are all team-based competitive games. Combat Archery involves bows and foam-tip arrows, Turf Wars includes foam weapons and Nerf guns, and Bubble Soccer involves, 1.5 meter bubbles that you get to wear! However, what really sets Thundrdome Amusements apart from their competitors is their Rage Room™ which the only one of its kind in Western Canada, the size of the facility which is the largest indoor Combat Archery arena in Western Canada, the equipment used for Combat Archery (2 types of arrows, 8 different draw weights for bows, safety equipment) and Turf Wars (more than 300 unique swords and shields and Nerf guns), as many as 12 different and exciting game formats, and amenities such as black light combat mode. Thundrdome is the only facility in Western Canada equipped with this feature.


In the Rage Room™, adult participants are able to vent the stress and frustration of everyday life into smashing up objects with weapons such as sledgehammers, crowbars, and bats. This method of releasing stress has helped energize participants, while the strenuous activity aids in promoting a good night’s sleep at the end of the day.


Thundrdome offers a variety of different packages and game types that can be used to customize your experience with any one of our activities. Participants can choose from public or private games. Rage Room™ participants can choose to customize their experience with packages such as Office Space, Get Smashed, or Date Night, which is great for when you’re looking for something exciting to do with your significant other.


The Thundrdome is home to three battle arenas. On site at the facility is also the Safe Range Archery Training Ground, where participants can train and improve their archery skills, and the Isolation Chambers, where the Rage Room™ is located. Also available are two Party Rooms, which is perfect for booking in special events such as birthdays, bachelor/bachelorettes, corporate events, and team-building sessions. The welcoming area is also replete with an equipment and souvenir shop (ThundrStore), as well as a concession, where guests can stock up on drinks after a long day of fun.


Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, Calgary’s Thundrdome Amusements offers fun for the whole family. Because of the facility’s safety consciousness, children as young as 5 and 7 can play Turf Wars and Combat Archery respectively (however, only adults 18 years or older can use the Rage Room™). Participation age for Bubble Soccer is 9 and up. Cost varies based on the activity, type of booking (public vs private) and age of the participants.


Thundrdome Amusements is located on 7005 6 St SE. For more information, please visit their website at https://thundrdome.com/ or call them at 403-258-0060.


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